I have always had an interest in encouraging children and families to thrive,

whatever that looks like for them.  Over the years I have been involved with

children in a number of ways, primarily within the school environment.  


As a Student Support Worker, I was able to walk alongside children as they

experienced such things as friendship problems, dealing with separation/divorce

of parents, losing family members, anger and behavioural issues.  I have also worked

in a paid capacity as an advisor for the Lifewalk Trust, training and resourcing

Auckland volunteers working in a similar role - as support workers.  

This then led on to a supervisory role and I now sit on the board for Lifewalk.


I am a trained companion for the Seasons for Growth programme, which assists

children in a peer setting to learn how change, loss and grief affect us.  

Seasons for Growth empowers them and helps them to become more resilient.


In addition I have written a number of articles for the parenting magazine, Tots to Teens.  There are a selection of articles available in pdf form to download here.

I am also a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors.  

You can read my profile here.


I am a mother myself, of three children.  Two girls aged 18 and 24, and a boy aged 22. 

It has been by far my most challenging and rewarding job to date!


My next biggest life challenge has been writing books.  

In April 2014, I had my first three books published with Duck Creek Press.

These books are aimed at helping children with emotional literacy and problem solving.  Lisa Allen, the illustrator of the books, just seemed to ‘get' the scrambled ideas

which were zooming around in my head, and a wonderful partnership was born!

We have called our combined works ‘Cheeky Dragon Collaborations’. 

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