Well Brood . . .

What about the name, Well Brood? As you will increasingly pick up, I quite like teapots.

Hence my logo, with the teapot full of magic.

Developing that theme a little then, my thoughts tend to ‘brew’ just like a couple of teabags in one of my gorgeous pots. Then comes the play on words. ‘Brood’ represents not just my own family but children and families in general. To be a part of the process in encouraging people working with and/or raising children, as well as empowering children themselves – this is the primary but not the only purpose of my blog.

But let’s have a little fun along the way and not get too serious, because that’s when we lose the magic of enjoying our kids. I am a slow thinker/processor, so blogs are perfect for people like me! Let me know if you are one too!

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