Emotions in Motion . . .

Incredibly, this is my first blog post for 2017 – I know, it’s March already – ahem, let’s keep moving along! If you happened to read my

last post, you will recall that I wrote about an organisation called ‘I Got Your Back Pack’. In the short time since its conception, IGYBP has gained a lot of traction and attention. Members of the public are already getting behind the idea of providing practical new items to go into back packs for women and children who find themselves in the position of needing temporary housing from Women’s Refuge.

If you take a peek at their website, your heart will be warmed by posts of local businesses donating beautiful products for the packs

and lots of very ordinary but big-hearted individuals digging into their own pockets to provide toiletries, toothbrushes, soft toys . . .

the list goes on. One Facebook post that really encouraged me was about a young girl who used her birthday party as an opportunity

to give: she invited her friends to attend and bring presents – just not for her! They brought items for IGYBP. There are still some very generous people in this world!

I also intimated that there was something happening in the background which I would be announcing in the near future – and I am

proud to say that I can now let you know that I am embarking on an exciting collaboration!

The team at IGYBP understand that children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence have both practical and emotional needs. Women’s Refuge provide a fantastic service for these children which includes social/family work and counselling. IGYBP want to give the kids an even richer gift than they are already receiving – which is saying something! To begin with, one of my books, titled

‘Emotions in Motion’, which aims to help children with naming and understanding their emotions, will now be included in the back packs!

The bigger plan is for all three of my books to eventually be tucked into these gorgeous bundles. This offers the opportunity for each Mum to cuddle up with their child and read a book together, whilst gently addressing some of the challenging feelings they may be experiencing. At the back of the book are some very simple activities and discussion ideas for Mums/caregivers to use as part of the healing process.

David Ling of Duck Creek Press, the publisher of my books, has jumped on board with the vision and generously allowed IGYBP to purchase the books at a much reduced rate . . . and with their typical ‘we-can-make-this-work’ attitude, IGYBP have begun fund-raising

to cover these costs. If you would like to support this and donate a book or two or more, then please visit their website, they’d love to hear from you!


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