No silver bullet . . .

I wonder if you have stumbled across the reasonably recent trend of bullet journaling?

It’s a way of organising your life, which begins with a humble notebook.

Not just any notebook however. This notebook, instead of the traditional lined format, has vertical and horizontal dots which allows

you more scope; to draw, write or brainstorm with symbols and pictures as well as words. Apparently it is super easy to do but

incredibly difficult to explain to people.

Here are some of the bold claims some have made about bullet journaling:

It fundamentally changed my life.

It will teach you to do more with less.

It will be your to-do list, your sketchbook, notebook, diary – all of the above.

A customisable and forgiving organisation system.

This is my favourite:

Shows you what’s happening in your brain – down on paper. Woohoo!

I do want to say here before I go any further, I am not slamming this idea at all, in fact I think it’s a brilliant concept, one which I hope I

might be brave enough to give a try at some stage - might even be my New Year’s resolution! I have seen one in the flesh and was

very impressed by it, and it really did strike me that it makes sense to have something that has everything you want to remember in it, instead of having lists of to-do’s, dreams, scribbles, diagrams and drawings on a multitude of random bits of paper all over the place.

And yes, some of that stuff could alternatively land happily in your diary or on your laptop/ipad if you thought ahead - although if

you’re like me, you then have to remember where you so wisely saved it to!

The statement that really gave me pause was this one: Bullet journaling lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity.

Did you hear that? It was my brain exploding. Because it really is a way to journal; which can be reflective, creative, revealing and restful; yet at the same time, it is also a way to diarise; which can be fruitful, enterprising and dynamic.

You really should check this idea out – there are individual blogs dedicated to bullet journaling, and helpful tips to get you started, along with examples of such beautiful bullet journaling that one would begin to worry how such a journal could be attained whilst living a normal life, or alternatively how anyone would be brave enough to write in it without their hand shaking uncontrollably in the light of a mistake being made to mar its perfection.

So, if you’re thinking of giving bullet journaling a go, perhaps in 2018, my advice would be; don’t take it too seriously.

Let it be full of scribbles and things crossed out. Perfection is a slippery slope towards madness. Take time to write down your crazy thoughts as well as your logical ones. Draw even if you aren’t artistic. Let it be a psychedelic, delightful brain dump that no-one else

needs to understand!

© 2015 Rose Stanley.  All rights reserved.