‘Merely listening is NOT merely listening!’

These 6 words say so much. So often we want to fix, or rush in and offer advice, or respond with our own opinion of what someone has just said to us. But what do we ALL need? We need to be listened to.

Listening properly means focusing solely on that person and sticking with them until they have finished.

It means not interrupting, not redirecting them to where we want the conversation to go.

It means showing self control even when we are listening to something that sparks a thought in us that we want to share. Or alternatively, it means saving our judgement and continuing to hear what is being communicated to us – however difficult that might be.

Genuinely listening is a selfless gift that we can freely give to others. It is not a common everyday occurrence in many people’s lives to be genuinely listened to. Not advised, not fixed, not even commented on. Just listened to.

Listening is not merely hearing. Listening is reacting. Listening is being affected by what you hear. Listening is active.

- Michael Shurtleff

So . . . if we are REALLY listening, we can’t undermine ourselves by saying that we are ‘just’ listening.

We are doing so much more. We are generously giving our attention and focus to another human being

and conveying to them that we really want to know what is going on for them.

No exceptions. No fine print stating conditions.

Try it today! It is the cheapest and most effective solution to our country’s mental health issues.

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