Teaching worksheets

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Might, might not game . . .

Sit down with an adult and come up with some things that people can feel anxious about.

Write them down or draw them on pieces of paper and then fold them up so you can't see what has been written down.

Take turns picking a piece of paper, reading the scenario out loud and coming up with ideas of what you would do if

the thing that you're worried about happened.


For example, someone has written down - I might not be able to run all the way around the cross country course. 

Then both come up with a statement that begins with either might or might not, for instance: 

"It might not happen if I start to train a few weeks beforehand and ask my Dad to run with me"

"It might happen, but if it did I could walk awhile and then try to run again."

Come up with as many options as you can, then go onto the next piece of paper.  This is a good way of reminding

yourself that there are always options and that you can talk things through with an adult and make a plan for yourself.