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Brain Tricks

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Reading with a Chance of Tacos

What Book Next? by Adele Broadbent

Brain Tricks encourages children to learn to implement simple strategies to manage 

emotional pain, as both physical and emotional pain is an ordinary part of growing and learning. 

This important developmental process of knowing the difference between physical and emotional 

pain is integral to children developing into robust resilient young people. 

The ideas explored in this book will help promote emotional literacy and holistic wellbeing. 

Belinda Blecher - Child & Adolescent Psychologist, Sydney, Australia

Brain Tricks is invaluable for supporting children who hurt deeply from major change in their lives.  Learning a little about the science behind physical and emotional pain gives children understanding of their own pain and enables them to develop some control over their reactions. Brain Tricks is beautifully illustrated and easy to read for even very young readers and allows for deeper discussion for the older child. Brain Tricks will be a great resource for the Seasons for Growth programme.

Sue Devereux - Master Trainer, Seasons for Growth, Aotearoa - New Zealand

Emotions in Motion

What Book Next? by Adele Broadbent

I have used Emotions in Motion in my role as a counsellor with many children. It supports

understanding what emotions they are experiencing through its wonderful illustrations and

appropriate text. It has supported growth in understanding and naming feelings and then being able

to work to manage them more effectively. An amazing resource I wouldn’t be without.

Caroline Loo, Manager Hope Resources, Loss and Grief Centre Director

Bachelor of Social services, Provisional Member Registered with NZAC

The children we work with listen wide eyed, glued to the words and illustrations which

explain a range of feelings in a non-threatening way for them to totally understand.

Many kids nod as we read and then openly share their own experiences of times they've felt

lonely, confused, worried, loved and just about every other emotion depicted in the book.

It helps children start to identify their own feelings and manage these feelings in positive ways.

Candice Thum, Coordinator - Seasons for Growth, Howick

Tilly's Big Problem

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